Hotel Sri Sri Executive


Hotel Rajat Executive is the most perfect example of Luxurious yet affordable. Hotel Rajat Executive is just 4 mins (1.1 km) from Kolhapur Railway Station, 3 mins (900 m) from Kolhapur Bus Stand, and 17 mins (8.4 km) away from Kolhapur Airport. Hotel Rajat Executive is the most luxurious and hospitable hotel in town.

Hotel Rajat Executive has set its standard high to host an incredible and memorable stay for our guests. Our hotel provides astonishing and modern amenities for all the guests. Each of our rooms is perfectly designed and interiors are selected with care and to give a look of elegance and rich yet keeping it simple.

Hotel Rajat Executive has the most efficient and professional staff who are here to host you the most incredible stay here. They are very friendly and leave no chance for any complaints as they are available 24/7 to serve you your best captive. Our staff is very benign and enthusiastic when it comes to serving our guests.

We want all our guests to have a beautiful and memorable stay filled with fun, relaxation, the experience of luxurious living and the best hospitality. Let us host your stay here and welcome you to the family of Hotel Rajat Executive. Help us to serve you with the best for the best.